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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Keys & Dandelions!

I text my mom this picture the other morning...with the caption
"I was up from 1:30 til 4:30 and still got up at 7...pretty sure my mom wants to strangle me"
I just couldn't resist...that look on his face was too perfect!  And yes this is a true story.  Please tell me what happened to my good lil sleeper!
 Thankfully the last two nights have gone much better...

Hey Mom...I'll lock up for you!

Almost got it!

 Yesterday was in the mid 70s so Grey and I took full advantage!  He was running around at the park like a wild man!

Checkin out the blonde in the swing next to him...

Wait Ma...why is she leavin?

She ain't gettin away that easy!!!

I just don't get where I went wrong...

And that brings us to today!  Someone slept hard....can you tell?
Can you say bed head????

A bit chillier today, but still warm enough to run around outside!
Great day for pickin flowers:)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Temperature changes!

It was from 80s to low 50s in no time!  It was chilly and windy yesterday.  Sky took Grey with him to a chiropractor appointment in the morning and then they headed to explore at a new park! I am pretty sure munchy had a blast!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Giddy Up!

Greyson looked so cute for church this morning, but he wouldn't stand still...so all I got were some blurry pix of Munch on the move!!!

We got up and went to church...then Sky and Grey went outside to cut the weeds growing at our property line down while I did loads of ironing.  Then Munchy took a one hour nap...yep, only one hour!!!!  Sky and I did manage to get the grass cut, weeds pulled, and trimming all done:)  For as lazy as I felt today, we really did accomplish a lot:)

This evening we ran up to Meijer to get a few things....Greyson was a wild man!  In an effort to contain him, we saddled him up on the horsey ride!!!
He held the reigns like a big boy!

Giddy up!

Hey Dad...are you watching me?

Get outta my way!!!!
It seems like our lil man has become quite the handful over the last couple weeks.  He is growing up so fast and I think we are getting our first taste of the "terrible twos"!  He knows what he wants and when he doesn't get it...he makes sure to let you know he isn't happy!  His favorite things to say are "Heeeeyyy", "NOOOOO", and "STTTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPP"!  On one hand its hilarious, but on the other hand, its really frustrating!  I know this is just the beginning:)  No matter how crazy he can be, I still wouldn't change him for the world!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rainy Weekend

Sky was finally home after being out of town for most of the last two weeks!  It is so nice having him home all weekend!  Friday evening was a dreary, rainy night so we headed up to a wood-fire pizza restaurant we have been wanting to try.  It was so good...we will definitely be going back there!!! 

Somebody was all smiles last night! 
Guess Munchy liked the pizza too!

After dinner, we stopped at UDF on the way home for some milkshakes...needless to say, we didn't eat so healthy last night!  Fridays are always my splurge days:)
Munchy and I shared a vanilla milkshake!!!

I think this lil man likes sweets as much as his mama!
 Today was a dreary, lazy kinda day so we just hung out at home.  We did manage to work out, do laundry, and go grocery shopping.

Greyson and Gordon hung out most of the day!

The rain let up so Munchy headed outside to pick some flowers!

Here Mama...these are for you!

Now its Basketball Time!  Cheering on the Buckeyes against Syracuse!  Here's to hoping we are headed to the Final Four after our game tonight:)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Springtime Fun

For a change of pace, we got Grey's water table out yesterday and splashed around for a while:)

Grey was most interested in drinking the water...

By dipping his toys in the water and sucking...

Or by lapping it up like a lil doggy!

Hey ma...look what I have!

Since Grey was up at 4am yesterday (don't ask), he took a long nap and we stuck around the house all day.     When his sleep schedule is off, you never know how the lil man will be.  Safer to stay at home!  He was congested when he got up too...so I thought he might be getting sick again.  Luckily it was just a fluke!

This morning we ran to the park and then visited Auntie Dani at the office!  I bet you can guess what Grey had more fun doing!!!!  He just loves to be outside!

Here I come Mama!

Catch me!


Teeter Totter!