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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coughs, Colds, Ear infections, fevers, and vomiting OH MY!

I think the blog post says it all.  Our lil man is one sick lil boy!  It started on Sunday and we finally decided it was time to take him to the doc today.  He has a "bad" bi-lateral ear infection and a nasty virus.  Thankfully the vomiting has subsided...and he ate his first meal in two days this afternoon!  He is on antibiotics so hopefully things are looking up!  It's 68 degrees and sunny today...and yes, it's February in OHIO?????  Can't complain about that:)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fun with old friends!

A great friend of mine came and visited this weekend.  Erin is one of my oldest friends...we spent soooo much time together when we were kids.  It was so fun to get to spend time with her, her husband, and her two boys.  Chase is almost 2 1/2 and Mason is 8 months old.  Needless to say Chase and Grey had a blast!  
Friday night we just hung out at our house...I made chicken enchiladas for the adults and grilled cheese for the kiddos!  The boys were busy playing all night!
Chase watching something:)!?!??!

Grey showering Chase with hugs!


Chase thinking...get me away from this kid...I'm done with hugs!

Takin a ride in the jeep!

I'm outta here if he's driving!!!

Saturday morning we got up and hung out for a bit!  I made a quiche, bacon and cinnamon bread for breakfast and then we headed to COSI:)

The played (fought) over trains and cars!

Excited about Cosi!
Just trying to get the ball in the hole...

I think I got it...

Better get in for a closer look!

What up lips!


Total Concentration!
And he's out!
Don't let that picture fool you!  Grey did pass out about 10 minutes after we left COSI, however he only slept for 10 minutes.  We tried to transfer him to his crib when we got home and he would not go back down:(  Thankfully we didn't have much on our agenda.  A friend of Sky's from West Point was in town so the boys went out for a bit while Grey and I just hung out.  We both crashed perty early!

Poor grey woke up with a fever and a cold this morning.  He has been so snuggly and weepy this morning.  It breaks my heart, but I have to admit I looooooooooove all the cuddles!  Thankfully Sky is in town tomorrow and can keep Grey at home with him!  This is the part of Sky's job I LOVE!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pic from Sky's phone

North Market last weekend! 
U talkin to me?

Body surfing on the bridge!!!

Hey Dad...look what I found!

Add caption

Sneaky Smirk!

Lemons anyone?

Sour face!


So this morning I was switching a load of laundry and Grey was in the laundry room with me...we have shelves in there with all of Grey's shoes on them.  He was actually quiet for a minute or two (which is never a good sign)... Next thing I know, I look down and see this!
Grey with his rain boots on the WRONG feet!

This game was really fun so we just left them on...he put in some time at the workshop!

He did his leg stretches...

He doesn't mess around when he stretches...

Then he took a break with his pal Scout!

It was a long break...all that stretchin wore the lil man out!

As Bill Cosby would say, Kids do the Darndest things!!!!  I'm not sure what I would do for comic relief if I didn't have my Munchy!

This pic is from a week ago, but I had to share.  If you know my brother, you know he isn't much for pictures, but we did manage to sneak one of him and Grey!  (P.S. my brother just lost 40lbs and looks uh-mazing!)

This is quite the random post, but it's Thursday so why not!!??!  The weather is freakishly warm for February in Ohio so we have been taking advantage and playing outside!

So that's all I got today!  Looking forward to a visit with my childhood friend, her husband, and their two boys tomorrow night!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yoga in armoires & Sheepin!

So last night, we were just hanging out in the loft...I think Sky and I were both on our computers and we look up to our lil guy closing himself in the armoire...saying "buh bye"...
Next time we look up, we see what looks like Yoga going on...Is it just me or do his toes look like fingers!?!?!?!?

What?  This is a totally normal activity?

Break Time!

 I got really nostalgic this morning...don't ask me why?  It's Wednesday morning, so why not?
There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby (or toddler, whatevs)....even  on a cell phone pic via the video monitor!

Grey and I headed to Kim's this morning...and it was your typical, eyes-partially-opened kinda morning!
Mooooomm...this jacket is too small!
Scheep peeeez!