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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Much better day!

Greyson's day yesterday consisted of vomit, graham crackers, and pedialyte so he really had no where to go but up!  Today was a much better day!  It was nearly 60 degrees here, the sun was shining, and Grey was NOT vomiting:)

I had to get a root canal this afternoon (boo) so Sky took Mista Munch to the park!  Needless to say, he had a blast!

This evening we had our sitter come over...Sky went to the gym, I got my hairs did, and then we met for some dinner!  It was a nice evening, just the two of us...but we were both very happy Grey wasn't in bed by the time we got home!  Nothing better than coming home to your lil one and hearing "mama" "dada"!  And that's all I have for today:)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Rash & Vomit

Although not a wonderful blog title post, it is the truth!  Poor Grey has been scratching at his legs for the past few days...so much that he scratched himself raw:(  He had some lil red bumps on his legs and lower back and a couple others here and there.  We weren't too concerned, because it looked to be getting better...but just in case, Sky planned to take him to the doc today.  As luck would have it (bad luck, that is), Grey woke up and decided his morning milk looked better all over our bed instead of in his belly.  Yup, that's right...he vomitted all over our bed where he and Sky were hangin when they first woke up.  That was just the beginning...he vomitted in the kitchen, twice in the car on the way to the doctor, and once after he visited the doc.  As suspected, the rash is nothing to worry about unless it gets worse...  As for the vomitting, the doc anticpated 24 hours of vomitting followed by a few days of diarrhea:(  Poor lil bugger!  This pic pretty much sums up the day...

Monday lived up to its reputation today...Is it Friday yet?!?!?!?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend in Review

This is the result of Sky dressing Grey!  Notice the two different shades of camo and the lovely bright green socks!  Clash much!??!?!  LOL...as Skyler would say, Grey doesn't seem to mind:)

On a last minute whim, we headed to my hometown to spend some time with my Grandma and finally meet my cousins baby boy.
Of course Grey gets some chocolate when he's at "baba's" house!  Isn't that what Grandma's and Great-grandmas are for?!?!?
Guilty much?
 It is so wonderful to see my grandma loving on my son!  Seems like yesterday we were visiting my great-grandmother...not too many kids are lucky enough to know their great-grandparents.
Cuddling on the couch!
Reading Thomas...something new!!! 

 So it turns out I was wrong to be nervous about our trip all the way to Hawaii...I should have been nervous about how Grey would do on our trip to Canfield.  Who would have thought?  We left Columbus about 7pm Friday evening...Grey didn't sleep but he was content in the car the whole way.  He was wound up by the time we got to my Grandma's around 9:30.  He literally was bouncing off the walls!!!  He cried so hard at one point, he threw up!  (all over me I might add).  Skyler was finally able to get him down at 1am after letting him cry it out in a car ride!  Believe it or not, he woke up at 6:30am!!!  Needless to say we were all a little tired, but it was still a great trip!  We ran to the mall and let Grey play for a few minutes hoping he would nap better!  Didn't work, but it was still fun!!!

Saturday late afternoon, we headed to Salem to visit my cousin, his wife, and their 3 beautiful children!
Baby Zach (9 1/2 months old)

Abby (27 months) & Grey (19 months)

Love how lil Abby is sitting at the table and crazy Grey is standing up!  SUCH A BOY I TELL YA!
 I have no idea how, but I failed to take any pics of Carrie, who is just over 4 years old!  Needless to say they have their hands full...3 kids ages 4 and under!!!

After we spent some time with them, we headed up the road and visited my Uncle Tom and Aunt Kathy!  It had been way too long...it was so nice to see everyone.  I wish we would have had more time to visit other friends, but this trip was all about family!  We headed back late Saturday night and caught up on some much needed sleep at home!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


This week seems to be flying by...which is fine with me:)  Who doesn't love the weekend!?!?!?  Greyson and Sky have been spending some QT together as Sky's schedule has been very flexible lately.  Even though I love how wonderful Kim is with Grey, there is nothing better than going to work and knowing Grey is with his dad!!

Other than that, nothing exciting to report!
I found some pix on sky's phone from last weekend when my parents were here!
How bout that smile!?!?!?

Mimi and Pop surprised Grey with an Valentines Day gift...his very own camoflauge jeep!!!  WEEEEE!

I don't think he's excited...what do u think?
Today was a rainy, dreary day so I was more than happy to work from home.  This evening neither of us felt like cooking so we headed to Panera for some soup:)

The lil man looks possessed!  Somebody needs some red-eye correction!
What up ma?

Checking out the fish at our pit stop at Meijer!

Grey has a thing for fishies:)
Dad...what are you doin to me?
Ready or not...here I come!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yo Yo

So not too long ago, we started using some flashcards with Grey.  He is such a smart boy and can rattle off quite a few objects from the flashcards.  Listen carefully to how he says yoyo...it seriously is the cutest thing ever.  It makes me laugh every time!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Giants, Friends, & Monday!

I woke up with Grey's cold on Saturday morning so it was a pretty lazy weekend for us. 

Sunday we had some friends over to watch the NFC and AFC championship games.  I dressed Munchy up in his Giants colors to support Uncle Matt!  Both the Giants and the Patriots got very lucky and are now going to have a rematch in the Superbowl!!!   The Patriots are one of my least favorite teams, so we will definitely be rooting on the Giants!!!

This morning was a typical Monday morning....no one at our household was ready to get up....
Why Thank You Grey...we will be needing our umbrella today!

Yes sir...It's Monday...I'm not happy either bud!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


We finally got enough snow that we could take Grey outside to sled!!!  There is a perfect hill right  by the park in our neighborhood:)
Getting all bundled up!

Pause for Thomas & Percy!!!

Add ready to go!

Hey Ma...what's all this white stuff?


Grey got a ride all the way to the hill!

Ma worked hard!!!

While Dad snapped lots of photos!

At the hill!

Here we go!

My boyz:)

Finally reached the top!

Down they go!

More more more!

Time for Grey to take a ride with mama!

Not sure who is having more fun?

Action shot!

Cap off the day with a swing in the swings!!!

Rain or Shine....Hot or Cold.....Ocean or Snow...as long as our lil man is outside, he is one happy boy!