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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sneak Peak of Pictures from Sunday (with Photographer)

I'll have the rest in a few days, but I just had to share:)

Yet another cold & 3am...

So believe it or not, but my son has another cold.  He was healthy for a grand total of 3 days!  Good thing, he was healthy while my parents were in town...which is more than I can say for me.  My sister had bronchitus and I wound up with a terrible cough/cold.  Thankfully, I never had full blown bronchitus, but enough to slow me down:(  I am just so thankful we are all sick now and not while we travel to Hawaii for the holidays.  (at least let's hope not).

Grey was busy playing with his new toys last night...
And by play with new toys, I mean make silly faces...
Does this face scream, "what the??!?!??!?!" or what?
I love me some bath pix and although I love this one, you can so tell he is not feeling well.  Poor guy is so congested!  (if only I knew what was to come that night...)
For some strange reason, Munch woke up at 3am!  He was sitting up in his crib just talking away.  I thought for sure he just needed a diaper change and then he'd go right back down...boy was I wrong.  He didnt' fall back asleep til we got in the car and headed to Kim's!  He slept from 8 til 10 and again from 2 til 4.  Too bad, this girl didn't get a nap!!! (LOL)  Thankfully last night he slept just fine...and needless to say, I slept like a rock!
Action pic of the Munch grabbing his shoes!

And there he goes....

I dressed Munchy in a nice, warm, comfy sweatsuit today!  When its 35 degrees outside and you have a cold, who doesn't want to snuggle up in a sweatsuit!?!?!?:)  

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Few more pix from the weekend...

I'm sure you can imagine how long the elf hat/ears lasted?!?!?!?
It was long enough to get one cute pic...that's all that matters:)
 Playing outside after the Christmas excitement wore off....
 Cappin off the evening with a Merry Go Round ride at the zoo!  

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas with the Knoedlers

Since Sky, Grey & I are heading to Hawaii for Christmas, we celebrated Christmas with  my family on Saturday!
My Mom & Dad!
Grey was a wild man when the gifts were being opened...

 Clearly, the view from on top of the table was better than from the floor!
My Shirt says "I'm the Best Present Ever"
(Who could argue with that?!??!?!)

Thankfully that is a plastic saw!!!


Here Auntie Dani...Let me help!

Do you like that gift Pop?

Big boy opening up his gift all by himself!

Somebody's excited for this one!

Here Greg, I'll open this for you...

Better taste it to make sure it tastes okay...
Yummmmy...I love wine!

Yum...this wrapping paper tastes good too!

Such concentration!

Eskimo style + Camo print = UH DORABLE!

Krispy Kreme gift card & mug for Dad...and Krispy Kreme chef hat for Munch!

Again, who needs the gift, when it comes in a really fun box...climbing anyone????

Look out...here comes trouble...

In his Cozy Coupe!!!
 All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas celebration (minus the Buckeyes losing to Michigan).  Munch was spoiled rotten!!!!  He now has a Home Depot work Bench, a Cozy Coupe, 6 Disney movies, a bunch of clothes, some new books, new blocks...and I know some more I'm not remembering.  Oh yeah, my dad bought Munchy a set of Craftsman tools...of course this is not for him now.  My dad is going to buy him new tools every Christmas so when Grey is old enough to use them, he'll have a full set!  What a fabulous idea!!!

After the gifts were all opened, we headed outside (since it was 65 degrees!!!) and broke in the new Coupe!
Last night, Sky, my mom and I took Grey to Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo!  Can you even stand that flannel jacket Munch is wearing?!?!?!?

The pictures didn't turn out great, but you get the idea!!!  My mom has some better ones I'll share when I get from her:)  We have a great video of Grey on the Merry Go Round!!!

Is tomorrow Monday already?!?!?!?  On a happy note, we leave for Hawaii in less than 3 weeks?  Anyone wanna come pack for me?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Day

Grey was a HUGE help with the cooking....
 He helped get the pots & pans out
And put them away when we were "not" done!

He even provided the "music" while we cooked!

I think all the cooking wore the lil man out...he got a lil cranky so Mimi & Pop came to the rescue with an early Christmas present!
He had a blast checkin it all out!

Before long it was time to eat the wonderful food that we had prepared!

Salad & Rolls

Green beans


Mashed potatoes
(The sweet potatoes didn't make the photographs...and they were my fav!!)
I also failed to take a pic of all the fab desserts...pumpkin pie, pecan pie, pumpkin roll, pumkin chocolate/butterscotch chip cookies, and peanut butter blossom cookies!

Munchy wasn't sure about the food at first...
 So many new flavors...
 All in all Munchy thought it was a pretty great meal!

Thankfully Auntie Dani was there to provide some comedy relief when Munchy was all done eating!