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Monday, October 31, 2011

Elvis has returned...

And he's cuter than ever!!!!  Don't ya think!??!?!?

Munchy was such a good sport with his costume!  The wig and sunglasses lasted just long enough to get a few pictures!

Mom & Elvis:
Take 1

lil fuzzy, but perty good pic of "the king" & his mama!

Soooo funny!

Here Ma...you wear the glasses!

But I don't wanna wear em...
My handsome men!
(notice Elvis's hair is getting a lil crazy)

Aaaaannnndddd....the hair is done!
And he's off!
feeble attempt at a pic with the neighbors!

Happy Halloween!!!

Ben's Birthday Party

Ben's 2nd birthday party was on Sunday at noon at Jen's house.  Grey was a shy guy to start the party and then he got comfortable....like waaaaaaaaaaaaaay comfortable...and then he got tired...like waaaaaaaaaaaay tired....and we left in the midst of a meltdown.  Needless to say, Grey was asleep before I got out of her neighborhood!

The Birthday Boy!
 After a nice long nap, we headed to our neighborhood Halloween party!  It was cute to see all the kids, but I do have to say I think Grey had the best costume....or maybe its because he is my baby, whatever...he was suuuuuuuuuuper cute~!  And...I am not posting pics of his costume til l8ter:)  I want to get some good ones with Sky and I tonight during Trick or Treat!

Arlene & RoRo:)
 Today, Munchy woke up in a great mood...maybe he is in the Halloween spirit!  I tried desperately to get a pic of Munchy with him lookin at the camera, but you know how that goes!!!

What is Grey carrying did you ask?!!!?!
 Well it's a "pum pum" of course!

U talkin to Mummeeeee????
(get it...Mummy...on his shirt....oh forget it:))

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Last week was a blur...between Munch and I being sick, Skyler's schedule, and a crazy week at work, the weekend was a very welcome arrival for us!!!  I worked late Friday and Sky worked really late, so Grey and I had a shorter than usual evening together....but we were both tired, so we didn't mind!  After a quick dip in the tub, we hit the hay!

It is safe to say Grey's appetite is back...but you wouldn't know from this video!  

He thought he was sooooooooo funny!
After a quick trick on Saturday am to the grocery store....
Deep in thought in the check out line!
Uncle DJ visited us for the afternoon!  I could kick myself for not taking any pics:(  It was so fun to see him interact with Grey.  He usually isn't a very affectionate person, but kids always bring out the soft spot in him!  After a nice long nap, Grey & I headed down to the park to play.  It was chilly, but really beautiful outside.

Saturday evening, Jill & Mike came over to watch the Buckeye game!  What a game it was!!!!  The Ohio State University upset the Badgers...payback for last year baby!  It was one of the best games I have seen in a looooong time!  

Today is Ben's 2nd birthday party and a Halloween party!  Looking forward to a great Sunday!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Weeeee're Back!

The dreaded stomach virus struck Munchie Monday night and then it hit me Wednesday night!  Not fun I tell ya....but thankfully this virus didn't last too long.  I'm living on crackers and gatorade still, but no vomitting so this girl ain't complainin!  Thankfully Sky could stay home Wednesday and Thursday to help out, but now he has to work all weekend...boo!
This was what Munchy did a lot of these past few days...

See what happens when Dad is left in charge....Clearly Munchy was feeling better yesterday! (which is more than I can say for me, but I won't scare you with pix of that! ha!)

Why yes that is my pinch clip in his hair...and yes that is a bottle of lotion he is sucking on??!?!??

Honestly though, Skyler was amazing and I don't know what I would have done without him!

This lil man was not ready to get up this morning...can't you tell!?!?

What are you doin to me mama?!?!?

Yeah buddy, I'm a fly guy:)

Couldn't you just eat him, he is so darn sweet!
So glad he is feeling better~!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rough night

After a rough night involving vomiting, the runs (to put it politely)...and very very very little sleep...
and a day full of pjs, Thomas the Train & Pedialyte, 
my little man is still as cute as ever!
And he smells a lot better too:)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Upset tummies:(

After a wonderful weekend with my lil man and my big man...

 And a great (and cute if I do say so myself) start to the week...

I now have one sick lil boy on my hands:(  He was fine all day, but since about 7:15, the poor guy has thrown up about 8 times!  I just wanna cry:(  Let's hope it's just something he ate and not the dreaded stomach virus that my entire family got last Christmas!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend with Mimi!

Both Grey and I were sooooo happy to have Mimi in town!  She arrived Wednesday evening so we ate some din din!

Then we danced!

 Then we got ready for bed and chillaxed a lil bit.  Some of us tried to eat soap...but don't worry it was a brand new bottle so he couldn't get to it.  It made him happy, so why not!??!?!
 All the effort with the soap really wore Munchy out...
 Thursday was a low key day.  It rained all day and I got some work done (working from home).  We did make a trip to the grocery store...picked up a few things and Mimi and I got a flu shot at the pharmacy!
 Somebody was getting veerrrry sleepy!
Mimi is so funny!

Sneaky Sneaky
Thursday evening, my sitter came and my mom, sister and I had a girls night.  We shopped and had dinner!  I got so many cute things....love Francescas and the Loft!  And who doesn't like a lil wine and yummy dinner from Brio:)

Friday was another chilly day, but thankfully I was off work and got to hang with my mom and my lil man!  We desperately tried to get a cute pic of Grey in his Puma get up....

However someone was ready to go!!!
The three of us hit up Sam's Club, Carters, Toy R Us, Whole Foods & Bed Bath & Beyond!  Grey was such a good boy!  He is a true mama's boy!  Mama and No are his two favorite words these days:)  But really, how could you ever get upset with this face!
 Or this one?

 After a two and a half hour nap, we reorganized the tupperware cabinet for the 543,234th time!  And by reorganize, I mean remove the shelve and use it as a ladder to reach the counter!


After that, we headed to Auntie Dani's to hang and go to dinner.  Greyson made himself right at home on her bed!!!

Saturday early morning, Greyson played with some pans:)
  He thought he was sooooooooo funny!

It was a beautiful day...chilly in the am...so what else is there to do but shop!  Grey was not cooperating like he did the day before...so it was a much shorter trip.  We just hit up Marshalls & Kohls and then headed home.  
You will never see these shoes again...  As Mimi and I were shopping for shoes for the lil man, he was busy playing...and by playing, I mean hiding one of his shoes so well that we NEVER FOUND IT!  Good thing that lil man is so darn cute:)

Munchy took a nice nap and then we headed to the park!  Somebody was looooving the swings:)

 After a bath, Mimi & I chased him to get a diaper on him....after we paused for a photo (of course)!!!

Wonderful weekend....always goes too fast when Mimi is here!  Sky is off tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be perfect!  Yay for weekends!