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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reagan & Grey

Well hello there little lady

Miss Reagan took a bit to warm up to the camera!  She would wail for 5 seconds and as soon as I put the camera down, she was happy as could be again!

Why do u keep taking pix of me woman??!??!?!

Seriously...get that camera out of my face...

And while you at it, get his lil boy out of my face too!

Wait a minute, I forgot to cry when I saw the camera....

I'll just smile and say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese...instead!

And there's my boy with his football!!!

That darn camera again!!!!!!

Are you talking to me?

C'mon mom...let's go outside!  I'll get the door:)
 So the three of us had a nice lil afternoon!  We just hung out and played.  You know the usual...and I promise, I'm not cruel.  I was trying to snap pix to send to Reagan's mama!!!

Reagan's grandpa picked her up this evening, so Munchy gets his mama full time again!  He was really good...so independent and not jealous....until that is, Miss Reagan left.  Grey was all about his mama tonight...and I didn't mind a bit!!!  He loves to sit on me when I'm laying down and pinch my belly!  He points to my stomach and says bala...bala!  He thinks he's sooooooooooo funny!!!!

What Dad...I'm just ticklin mama!

P.S.  If you notice the red mark and swollen lip, (no Reagan didn't beat him up:)), he just was trying to be a big boy and crawl off of our bed...and missed the ledge:(  Boys will be boys!!!
Who is this little girl and why do I have to share you?!?!?!?
Ha!  Not really, but I thought that really fit this face!  Greyson was amazing with Reagan.
   I really was curious to see if he would be jealous and clingy...and he was just the opposite.  Poor Reagan was constipated and not a happy camper....so she wanted held a lot.  I didn't mind...I felt so bad for the lil thang.  Grey just did his own thing...he was so independent!

I will post pix of Reagan later...I just want to make sure her mama is okay with it first:)

The weather was chilly and rainy all morning and early afternoon so we spent most of the day inside.  Munchy showed off and danced...check him out!  (by dance, I mean he sat and waved his arms all over...interpretive dance perhaps???)

Munchy right before nap time winding down with some...you guessed it...Thomas the Train!

Grey hates socks and shoes, so I rarely put them on when we are hanging at home...and I just had to snap a photo of his chubby lil foot.  I will miss these soft, sweet lil feet when he is all grown up and has stinky man feet:(
 Finally around 4pm, the weather cleared so we headed outside.  I think we were all feeling a lil claustrophobic!  Thankfully Reagan isn't walking yet, so I only had one wild man to chase!  She was so calm when we got outside...she never did go to the bathroom, but maybe just the change of scenery helped get her mind off of it.  She sat in the stroller, played with the neighbor kids, and watched me chase Grey up and down the driveway!

How bout this outfit?????  Munchy loves to rock the camo!  Thanks Aunty Dani!

I really tried to get a pic of him looking at the camera...you can see how well I succeeded at that!  Let's hope Miss Reagan gets some relief today....poor lil thang!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Flirt

Who doesn't like to stand on boxes and play Peek-A Boo???

It's meeeeeeeeeeee!
 So as of Tuesday evening, we have a visitor.  We are watching my friend's lil girl for 2 days.  She is heading to Vegas on a work trip with her husband so Grey has a girlfriend!  (hence the Little Flirt shirt)  She was born about 6 weeks after Grey so they are perfect for each other!
Deep in thought...not sure how he feels about the visitor...

Showing off!

Just the thought of her wore him out!!!
I worked Tuesday and will be home Wednesday and Thursday.  Yesterday evening, our house was the place to be.  The two neighbor girls came over from about 5 til 6:45...they left and the 2 neighbor boys came over from about 7 til 8pm!!!  Grey was having a ball and my head was spinning!  Reagan arrived about 7:15 and all kids were asleep in bed by 8:15....  Wish me luck today:)

Monday, September 26, 2011


Sky and I are both HUGE football fans (if you haven't noticed).  Despite how frustrating it can be, we are die-hard Cleveland Browns fans!  So is Munchy....
Football...Elmo...Decisions Decisions!

Daaaad...quit, I'm trying to watch the game!!!

Did he just drop that ball...darnit!

I can't watch...it's tooooo close!

Oh yeah buddy....that's what I'm talkin about!
Pay no attention to the fact that his shirt is about 5 sizes too big....I was too cheap to order a Browns t-shirt in his size so this small in little boys from Kohls had to do!  Ha!  It'll probably still fit him next year!!!

This morning was rainy and neither Munchy or I were ready to get up and get moving!  We had a case of the Mondays:)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is it Sunday already?

Where did the weekend go???  It was a fun weekend, but just went by way way way too fast.  On Friday, I unexpectedly had to stay home with Munchy.  Kim's daughter was pretty sick and very contagious, so we didn't want to take the risk.  It was a cool, rainy day...so Munchy and I were lazy bums.
We played with Scout...his talking Doggy...

Scout gets lots of hugs (wish he gave me that many)!!!

I guess he wanted to go outside...moving the blinds out of the way to see!
After some time, he gave up and resigned to chillin on his bean bag chair...
I have to admit, I allowed him to watch more TV than I usually do.  He has been a touch fussy and tv really seems to calm him down.  I did notice this morning that a new tooth is making its way in, so hopefully that's all it is!

 Friday night, our babysitter came over and we went out for a night on the town.  We tried a new restaurant in Grandview..Vino Vino!  It was delicious...I had pecan-crusted chicken with a orange chili sauce...yummmmmmmmmmm!  We went out with our neighbors and met 2 other couples and Travis for dinner...then headed to Grandview Cafe for a few cocktails.  It was a cool night, but it was beautiful so we hung out on the patio.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!  It was a much needed night out!

Saturday was all about the Buckeyes!  We started our freshman quarterback (finally) and he looked uh-mazing! Granted, we played Colorado...but still...we actually had an offense.  The announcers said that the OSU season finally got started yesterday.  (Too bad it was a game too late).  Oh well...we can't always be "the best"!  LOL  Munchy had a blast playing outside...weatherman said it was going to be rainy and low 60s...um yeah, he was 75 and sunny!  I'm not complaining, but how the heck do you know how to dress?!?!?!?

I know I know...his shoes don't match!  That's because I spilled some of my very first pumpkin spice latte of the year on his white tennis shoes!!!  Not to worry...some Dreft and a cycle in the washing machine made them look as good as new:)
(Thanks Auntie Dani for the super cute (and vintage) Buckeye Hoody)!
He has room to grow into it...don't you think?!??!
 After a night out and a long day of football, Sky and I were worn out!  We went for a late evening Dairy Queen run (so much for eating healthy on Saturday) and were in bed before 10!  Loooosers:)

It was nice to get up and feel rested!  We headed to church this morning....Greyson was really happy about it...can't you tell!??!?!?

He stayed in the nursery today...and we had to be called back once and he was bawling when we picked him up!  He was soaked from drool and tears:(  I don't know what was bothering him, but he was NOT HAPPY!  After a sippy of milk, some lunch, and some snuggles from me...Grey went down for a nap!  Let's hope a nice long nap makes him snap out of his fussies!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun with Auntie D & Greg

I don't think Mista Munch had a good time last night....LOL!  Check out these smiles!

I guess they put him to work....he needed some safety goggles!!!

Pants were optional:)
Munchy sure was worn out...he slept til almost 8am!!! Woo hoo:)