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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Yesterday Munchy went to Kim's and I went to work...boo!  Despite the fact that he only napped for 45 minutes, he was in a perty good mood last night.  We played outside with the neighbor girls for a bit, but other than that, our night was bah oring!
Clean boy!

love the pjs, love the face, love everything dahling!
 Munchy has a brand new chair...and by chair, I mean a camo bean bag!  We contemplated a lil recliner or mini chair for the Munch, but thought the bean bag would be the best (and most affordable) option.  Mini in size definitely didn't mean mini in price...plus Munchy would have climbed more than he would have sat!  Looking perty comfy before his nap today!

 A lil man I know was having a ball playing with his irritatingly adorable truck!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend in Cincinnati

My darling husband was in Austin this past weekend visiting his brother...floating the river by day and partying like rock stars by night!  Althought I'm thrilled Sky was able to get away and have a lil R&R with his baby bro, I must admit I was a lil jelly!  I haven't been back to Texas since we moved 3 years ago:(  Matthew even hit up my absolutely favorite restaurant on his way to pick up Skyler from the airport....he tortured me with pictures and everything....Sol de Jalisco....oh how I miss you!

Since he was out of town, my bestie Tara invited Grey and I to come and spend the weekend with her and her family!  I am so glad I went!  It was her daughter's first birthday party on Saturday..lil Miss Reagan is such a doll!  We had a blast chasing kids and watching "reaga" eat her cake!  I think my child likes cake a lil bit...as the birthday girl was eating her cake (and by eating I mean getting into every crack and crevice in her body), my son was standing at her high chair using his lil finger to scrape off the icing and get him a lil taste!!!  Should I worry that he was eating icing off of her foot?!??!??!  It was hysterical; however I am sad to report I did not snap a photo:(

After the party wound down Saturday afternoon, the kiddos napped and we visited with Tara's family until they hit the road.  That evening we headed to a cute lil area of Cincy for a lil festival.  REO Speedwagon was playing there, so we popped our lawn chairs & strollers and settled in for an evening of people watching & dancing!  It was so fun! Grey had a ball smiling at everyone and running around like a crazy person!  He was quite the dancing machine....and no I didn't take any pix!  I am not sure what is wrong with me!!!!

The kids didn't get to bed til after 10, but it was worth the fussy baby I had on my hands yesterday afternoon!  We got up Sunday morning and headed to the Cincy zoo!  I believe Grey's favorite animals were the monkeys  (duh) and the ducks....his new favorite think to say is "kak kak"....which of course means "quack quack"!  We also rode a train around the zoo...which Mista Munch lurved:)  Did I take pictures you ask??? But of course...but only 3 and they ain't all that good:(

We got home early afternoon yesterday and just did not have a wonderful day.  I think Mista Munch was overly tired so he was a fussy gussy pretty much all day. I tried to take him for a walk in the stroller and ended up carrying him 3/4ths of the way!  Needless to say, I got my workout in for the day!  He was ready for bed at about 6, but fought it until 8:30pm!  I would try and put him down and he would cry so so so hard!  Thomas the Train finally put him to sleep...shocking I know!

This morning started off as good as you would guess a Monday morning would...my alarm went off and I wanted nothing more than to take a sledge hammer to it as my eyes were just not ready to open, Greyson had peed through his diaper and his sheets needed changed (have u ever changed crib sheets....it is terrible...I was sweating by the time I was done), I set my phone down somewhere and it took me a good 10 minutes to find, and Grey cried harder than he ever has before when I dropped him off.   Poo on you Monday!  Despite my griping, my lil man looked extra cute this morning and he looks tickled to be having his picture taken!

"He looks like he's in first grade and he does not want to go to school today"
Quote from my mom...A.K.A. Mimi

Enough rambling & complaining!  I have a long weekend in Tennessee with my family to look forward to!!!  Hallelujah!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Eater

We are experimenting with Grey feeding himself!  It really makes him happy!  The spoon works great when its oatmeal or yogurt...something that sticks to the spoon with a quick dip...we'll work on scooping a lil later!

Pay no attention to the fact that most of the food is on my face and not in my mouth:)

I'm also very happy when I'm swinging...

 Especially when I lay back and make my grunting noise...it doesn't look awkward at all does it????
 I love giving kisses to everyone...especially this handsome guy I met at the park!
 I don't know about you, but I think this guy is perty good lookin?
 Let's give him another smoochy!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Munchy's got a brand new ride...

Grey absolutely loves to be outside...he loves riding his car, strollin in his stroller, cruisin in his radio flyer, and chuggin along on Thomas the Train.  We had a feeling Grey wanted to move faster...and we were ready to try something new.  

Somebody said Grey's helmet looked too big...I can't imagine why??!?!??!
We took about a 40 minutes ride this afternoon and Grey enjoyed it...as long as I kept reaching back and tilting his helmet so he could see:)  Not much of a thrill seeker I guess...

Grey has a love affair with books right now...he has quite a collection already.  You think 20 books or so is enough for a 13 month old right?  Well, it turns out it is plenty for Grey, but not near enough for Sky and I.  If I have read the "Barnyard Dance" or "Stop Train Stop" once, I have read them 3,000 times!  A visit to the library this afternoon was a must for us...variety is the spice of life after all:)

Munchy is starting to really take pride in his appearance (when he can stop long enough to primp that is)...check out the lil man brushing his hair, stomping his feet, and running to the gate...crazy man!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

He's back!

Well it is safe to say that Grey is 100% back to his normal, healthy, happy self!  We ventured back to the pool yesterday for a bit...he did not love his vest, but he didn't HATE it like he did over the weekend.  Baby steps:)   He seems to really enjoy the baby pool these days...and by baby pool I mean walking over to the gate surrounding it and tasting every last piece of mulch:)  Hey, you never know...each piece may have its own unique flavor:)
Sky had to head to Detroit for a quick work trip last night, so Munchy and I played outside since it was another beautiful day.  Our neighborhood is really booming right now...we have so many new neighbors and most of the kids are boys!  It's hard to be outside without meeting someone new or running into neighbors..
After a day hard at play, Mista Munch was one sleepy boy!  Look at those groggy eyes!

For the first time in weeks Grey had to go to Kim's....  I knew it wasn't going to be fun leaving him:(  Poor kid gripped on to my shoulders for his dear life...and when I finally handed him over, he reached out and cried.  I swear I will never get used to that!

I was spoiled again today and got to spend about a half hour with Grey at work:)  Kim had to come in for a meeting, so I got to entertain Mista Munch!  

What?  I'm busy....lots going on at work right now people!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Perfect Monday

I don't often say Mondays are great days, but this Monday sure was!  I recently got a new computer at work and it has been terrible...well this morning, the techys finally fixed it:)  This was a wonderful way to start the day.  Then at lunch, my boyz came and visited me.  It was such a beautiful day so we went for a walk at the nearby park for 30 minutes or so...I have been so spoiled with work visits!  Look at my lil Hawaiian boy in his aloha outfit!!!

I pulled in to our house to find my boyz playing outside!  Munchy was having so much fun in his lil car!
All the driving made us hungry, so we headed inside and Sky cooked us up some pork chops:)  While they cooked, we fed Grey leftover hamburger,spinach, and apple sauce!  His appetite has finally returned...he is (dare I say), back to his normal happy self (knock on wood).  His rash is nearly gone as well!  I just hate when my lil man is sick...

While I was cleaning up the kitchen, Grey decided he wanted to read his book all by himself...
After a quick dip in the tub, we all took an evening stroll around the block.  We figured, Grey would drink his last milk and relax in his stroller.  Grey had other plans....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Whiny Weekend

Greyson has just not been himself!  Poor kid hasn't had any more fevers, but he is so whiny and uncomfortable.  We are guessing its his throat, but he also has a rash and diarrhea!  We have tried just about everything to keep him happy.  Friday night we headed to the park to enjoy the perfect weather!

Big boy going down the slide all by himself!
Saturday we headed to the pool to test out Munchy's new swim vest!  He looks so comfy doesn't he????
You can guess how long that lasted!??!?!  So we headed over to the baby pool and Grey did his usual...picked up mulch, tasted it, and then through it back out the gate!
After about 20 minutes, Munchy had had enough so we headed home.  Sky and I could really not take another minute of Thomas the Train....so we tried some headphones!  It didn't work that well, but it made for a great photo op!!!
 After an unsuccessful attempt at a nap in his crib, Munchy and I went for a walk!  After about 10 minutes, this was our Mista Munch crashed out!  Doesn't he look like such a big boy!!

Grey boy woke up happy as can be this morning, but it didn't last too long:(  On a good note, Munchy ate a decent breakfast and lunch, but his rash his worse:(  It looks so much like his heat rash that he got in California, but the doc had said that a rash is common after the virus he had, so we aren't too worried yet!  After a morning nap, the three of us headed to the Olentangy Indian Caverns.  Sky has been wanting to go for a while and it was such a nice day.  We walked around...checked out the gift shop and the jungle gym before the tour started!  Did someone say PHOTO OPS?!?!?

Meet our son...."Chief Munchem"

Grey seemed to be hangin in okay...that was, until, we headed into the caverns on the tour!  He was doin his constant "ehhhhhhhhhh" noise the minute it started and before long, it escalated to all out whiny, crying!!!  We did manage a few pix and we got to see about 1/5 of the tour...

 So we will wait a couple years and try again!  Although we had a few smiles from Munchy this weekend, he is definitely not himself.  We are really hoping he turns the corner by tomorrow...it just breaks our hearts to see him so "off"!

Happy Weekend!