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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer weekend & "TOWEL"

This weekend was such a great one!  On Friday,  Sky brought Munchie in for a visit at my office!  We ate lunch together....such a nice way to break up a long day at work:)

I went and met April and some friends for a few drinks and then some delicious Mexican food Friday evening.  Sky was nice enough to keep Grey so I could enjoy some time out and about.  It was so great to see Apee...I miss her being in Columbus so much:(  Shame on me for not taking any pix!

Saturday we spent some time at the pool.  It was too warm to not cool off!

  We also spent some time playing in the yard while we washed cars!  How cool is my lil man in his backwards hat?

Saturday evening, my parents arrived and we headed to dinner at Mia Cucina.  We had some delicious Italian food...and Munchie was such a good boy!  He ate chicken fingers and broccoli! (well mostly chicken fingers).  He was stylin in some of his new birthday clothes:)

Watching some Thomas the Train before dinner!!!

We hit up a local ice cream shop afterwards and Grey sampled a lil of everyone's ice cream!  We never have trouble getting Mista Munch to eat sweets (no idea who is got that from)!

Sunday my Dad went racing so Sky, Mimi, Grey and I headed to Delaware State Park.  Sky has been wanting to go and I'm so glad we finally did.  Grey had a ball playing on all of the jungle gyms....

Coolin Woody off with some water:)

We had no idea this gem existed!  Now all we need is a boat or a couple jet skiis and then we can really enjoy ourselves!!!

So this will surely get Sky and I "parents of the year" award!!!

We kid, we kid!  We really just couldn't pass up this photo op!  Yes, Sky took off his hat and made his hair all crazy for effect!!!!  

Lastly, I have to share that our lil man is really trying to sound words out.  Listen to this video of Sky teaching Mista Munch to say "towel"

Ok enuf rambling!  Good Night!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Back to the swing of things...

The transition back to east coast time went a lot smoother for Grey than I thought it would.  Doesn't the lil guy look so rested!!!
 Thankfully Sky and I both had Wednesday off work.  So we unpacked, cleaned, did laundry, went to the grocery store...blah blah blah.  I swear I always feel like I need a vacation after my vacation!  LOL

Thursday I worked from home while Sky and Munch spent some QT together!  Sky took munchie to the park...he's just steering on the jungle gym!

Because the weather is still so hot and muggy, we hit up the pool in the late afternoon.  Danielle came over to hang and see her nephew!  Grey's lil neighbor friend Spencer was there...he is 2 and Grey just followed him around like a lil puppy!  Grey just loves other kids:)

My boyz!

Munchie & Spencer!

I am back in the office today but its FRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAY...so I can't complain too much!  This upcoming weekend should be lots of fun...dinner tonight with my bestie April and then Mimi and Pop will be up Saturday for the night!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2011 Cali Trip

We're baaaaaaaaack!  We left last Wednesday evening for California to visit Sky's family
Let the trip begin!
...we flew into Ontario, CA and spent a very late Wednesday night with Micah.  Our trip out was less than perfect.  We were delayed in Columbus an hour and barely made our connection in Nashville.  Then...we had to stop (not change planes) in Denver...and sat there for over an hour!  We arrived in Ontario at midnight....it was almost 1 by the time we got our rental car and got to Micah's.  Grey slept a total of one hour on the plane and didn't pass out for the night until about 12:30pm!
You would have thought he was going to sleep....NOT SO MUCH!
Poor guy was up at 4:30am Cali time too!  Needless to say I wanted to cry because I was soooo tired!

Anywho...I got over it and survived on lots of caffeine that day:)  We drove 2 1/2 hours to the dessert!  Sean (Sky's older brother is a border patrolman) and Aiko live in Imperial, California....which is right smack dab in the middle of the dessert.  The temp averaged around 108...it seriously felt like an oven when you walked outside!  Sean, Aiko, Emi, the new baby Eri, and Tutu (Sky's mom) were all there waiting for us!  It was so so so nice to see everyone!  We hung out and watched the kids play!

There were air mattresses in the one room that the kids had a ball on.  They would chase each other and bounce...it was adorable!

Typical jelly leg/squirmy Grey photo!

Okay on 3, girls close your eyes!
  Matthew flew in later that night...so the whole fam was officially there!  Friday was headed to San Diego for the night.  Sky's traveling finally paid off...he got us all rooms at the Hilton Resort in Mission Bay!  It was beautiful!  We spent the afternoon at this huge park...the kids played on the playgrounds and the adults chased the kids and played a lil football and smash ball.  The weather in San Diego is just perfect (except when you forget to reapply sunscreen)!  We loaded up the kids with sunscreen when we arrived, but silly me, never reapplied.  Poor Grey wouldn't keep a hat on, so his cheeks and nose got sooooo red:(  The weather was so pleasant that I didn't even think about sunburn!  On top of the sunburn (yes Dani, mother of the year award), Grey broke out in what we think was a heat rash.  It was allll over his lil body and just looked awful:(

 Grey was pooped after the park so he zonked out while the rest of us hung at the pool.  How beautiful is this resort?!??!?!

That night we all went out to dinner to cap off a perfect day!

This was the sight pretty  much all weekend...Grey chased Emi all over the place.  She was such a good sport!


Micah and Torey:)
Saturday we headed back to the dessert, but made a pit stop at an outlet mall that had a huge casino attached.  No surprise the boys went gambling and the girls went shopping:)  Hawaii mom bought all the kids matching Hawaiian outfits so we took advantage and snapped some photos!

He was really in the mood...can't u tell?!?!

I mean...really in the mood!  HA!

Thomas train track at the toy store!


One tired baby boy!

 That night, Sean and Aiko made an amazing Mexican dinner.  It was seriously one of the best meals I have had in a long time...and u know I love me some Mexican food:)  We all drank a bit and played some ping pong...which later turned into beer pong (we are all still kids at heart).  LOL

Sunday was my birthday....32 years young:)  Sky  made us all a huge breakfast (notice a trend of lots of eating) and then we went bowling!  The kids all zonked out while the adults had some fun!  We headed to dinner after and then everyone surprised me with a Coldstone Ice cream cake...yummo!
Are these kids or toys?

Monday meant it was time for the family to start heading home...boo!  We headed back to the L.A. area and treated Micah and his roommate to dinner and ice cream (yes more food).
 We returned home yesterday...it was a looooooooooong day!  We left about 12:30pm Cali time yesterday and didn't arrive to our home until 12:30am Ohio time.  Greyson slept great in the airport, but not so much on the plane...until that is, we were 20 minutes from landing in Columbus!  THankfully he never woke up and slept thru the night!  We are happy to be home on one hand, but so sad to say goodbye to Sky's family:(  It was such a wonderful trip!  Watching the cousins interact was the sweetest thing in the world!