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Friday, December 30, 2011

Swap Meet, Beach, & Bowling

The last few days have been as wonderful as the rest.  Wednesday morning we went to the swap meet at Aloha stadium.  A bunch of vendors set up booths every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday and sell all kinds of good stuff.  I always get a cute lil Hawaiian dress, the boys get "team munekata" t-shirts, and Grey got some pineapple and a cute lil local style t shirt:)
Dad & Grey excited for the swap meet! 
Checkin things out at the swap meet!

Later that day we headed to the mall to do some exchanges and let Grey play AGAIN:)

Then us kids went out and left Grey at home with Tutu.  We just met the cousins to go bowling in Kailua.  It was a lot of fun!  

The boys sporting their "Team Munekata" shirts....and yes, they actually went out like this!

Poor Matt wound up with a terrible ear infection so he headed to the doctor's office yesterday and Sky, Grey, and I headed to Kailua beach!

 Grey was loving the water!
Check out this video!!!

Last night we just hung out and got take out!  Grey was having a great time with crazy Uncle Micah!

We don't have plans today but I am guessing the beach will be a part of whatever we do.  Tonight we are heading to Kona Brewing Company to listen to some live music and have a yummy dinner on the patio:)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Makapu Beach

Today was another beautiful day...we are getting soooooo lucky with weather!  
We headed to a smaller beach so Matt & Sky could body surf!

Beach Bum!

 Dad & Grey checkin out the waves!

 No joke...this kid laid in the sand and said "ni ni"!
 So check out the signs below.  They were posted on your way to beach from the parking lot...and they are no joke!  
 Evidently an older man and his family did not heed the warnings.  He got caught up in the swells and had to be saved by a lifeguard!  The lifeguard was not quick to react and guess who jumped in to try and help first...my husband!  Thankfully he was smart enough to realize it was too strong a current for him to be able to swim...so he let the life guard take over.  So proud of my man!  Thankfully the man was saved and just fine!
 Check out that water!!!

Tonight we are hanging at home and cooking!  This is the life I tell ya!

Thomas Shirt & BCD

After a perfect day at the beach, we all took some naps...

and then headed to dinner at Big City Diner in Kailua. 
Big City Diner Hawaii
 It was a perfect night, so we sat outside!  Hawaii Ma and I had Li Hing Margaritas and they were delicious!!! Grey was sporting his new Thomas shirt from Uncle Micah & Aunty Torey...how precious is he????

Munchy discovered ketchup tonight!  He was helping himself to my plate...obviously, I was not too happy about that!!??!?!  LOL  

Thank you Uncle Micah for my new favorite shirt:)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sand Island Beach

It was another beautiful day on the Island of Oahu!  We spent the afternoon at Sand Island Beach.  The boys were hoping to surf but there were no waves!
Grey had a blast!!!

 No waves, but still tried a lil surfing!!!

 Our little surfer!!!
 Family photo!!!
 The Boyz!!!

Last night was nice...we were lazy most of the day and then headed to Auntie J's!  The whole fam got a kick out of our lil man!  He was caaaaaarazy!  He grabbed a glass of wine and spilled it on the carpet...and yes it was red!  So that was fun!  Thankfully Cousin Reyn got it out with some miracle cleaner!  We played games and had a great time!  Crazy to think Christmas is over and 2012 is right around the corner!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning!

I'm talking to you Santa!

Who is so excited for his Thomas outfit?????