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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Pumpkin Patches & Campouts!

We got some new patio furniture:)  I'm so excited to hang on the deck with the fire pit this winter:)

Greyson's Fall Cubscout campout was the weekend before last and Kristen and I were in charge of the food again.
Friday night before the Saturday campout we headed to GFS and Walmart to buy all the food.  The gang came with us so we stopped at Steak N Shake for dinner!  My little poser!

The kids were so rowdy that night!!!

We were serving 200 people so pasta it was! This was not even half of the pasta!

Tator Tot taking after Daddy and eating some Spam for breakfast!

Posing in the woods!

Hangin with James!

Daddy's girl getting tired!

Does he look guilty or what?!?!
Greyson had a cold and the weather was super chilly Saturday night so we left the campout at 9 when everyone was heading to bed anyways.  I think we made the right choice and Grey didn't even seem to mind!

Last Monday Tator went to the pumpkin patch with her school!  

I dressed her before I left for work that day but Dad let her pick out her own shoes!  Socks and sandals!!!!

Monday the boys had a den meeting.  The project was to make a flag for their den.  The boys all traced their hands and then I took the flag home to put it together and cricut the lettering, etc...  It was a fun project:)

My sweet girl passed out in her brother's bed!  #hotmess

An afternoon snuggle with my girl that turned into a nap for her!  So rare!!!

On Thursday, a bunch of the girls in my neighborhood and I headed to Leeds Farm for an event called Witches Night out!  It was a fundraiser for breast cancer.  It was a lot of fun!  Us women got to act like kids!

I cam home that evening to see my two loves all snuggled up!  Naturally I got in bed with Greyson:)

Friday night we took the kids to Red Robin, ToysRUs and Krispy Kreme!  Basically a perfect evening for the kiddos!

Saturday morning Greyson had a soccer game!  

And then we headed to Lehners Farm to enjoy a day in the pumpkin patch!